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Ella Tichenor's Memorial Service

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Introducing Mark's first piece of PUN ART
"Corporate Globalism"


the designer of the Ultimate Egg Poacher.

Artist's Statement:

For me, art involves opening the heart and trusting its feeling, even when it hurts. Then joy and sorrow are not so far apart. There is a river that flows through each of us that can carry us back to the sea.

Less is more, more or less.


After a 25+ year career in software design, and two bouts of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 5 years, he's changed his path!

Brief BIO: (some of this may be of interest only to ACS'ers)

Born: June 4, 1945 in Philadelphia PA, USA.

Raised & Travelled: Mostly in the Middle East. Manama, Bahrain (1952-1954), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (1954-1957).

[1952-1957] Father was interdenominational minister for the Protestant Fellowship in the three ARAMCO towns.

Education, etc.: 

bullet[1957-1960] Davenport, Iowa. @Sudlow Jr. High grades 7-9 , paper route, amateur radio, trombone
bullet[1960-1961] American Community School in Beirut, Lebanon - 10th grade (ACS class of '63). Spent a lot of time with Tal Brooke (fellow UFO fan) and Miles Copeland (grade 11). Miles' ambition was to conquer the world or at least be filthy rich and buy an Island, hire a military and declare himself a sovereign country. Does anyone know if he's done it yet? Where are you, Miles? Last I heard, you were managing the POLICE.
bullet[1961-1962] Central High, Davenport, Iowa, 11th grade, marching band, slinging burgers, questioning materialism and trying to invent anti-gravity.
bullet[1962-1963] Back to Beirut. Father was now on faculty of ACS. Felt I missed out on the Middle East entirely in the 10th grade. Started grade 12, petitioned Dr. Knox, then headmaster, to let me attend part time to give me time to explore the Middle East. He turned me down and I quit ACS, finishing the 2 credits I needed to graduate by correspondence. Explored the Lebanon, went "smelling the breezes", hiking and camping in the mountains, hitch-hiking to Damascus, studied yoga, zen buddhism, theosophy, took the tram to the end of the line, frequented coffee houses and wrote poetry.
bullet[1964-1967] American University of Beirut, studying mathematics (and taking my first pottery lessons).
bullet[1967-1969] Immigrated to Canada. Lived in Montreal, first computer job as research programmer, Department Informatique, University of Montreal.
bullet[1969-1971] Moved to Vancouver, working at Computime under John Warnock (he later founded Adobe Systems) doing geophysical mapping and graphics programming. Also worked at Simon Fraser University as research programmer in cartographic databases and surface rendering.
bullet[1971-1972] Worked in Ottawa for the federal Department of the Environment on geographic information systems.
bullet[1972-1978] Self-employed studio potter in the Quebec countryside.
bullet[1978-1983] Worked in the Boston and New Hampshire area: Liberty Mutual Insurance Company - systems specification and DP research; also freelance software development - mostly for U.S. Navy's ship maintenance information systems (Philadelphia and Long Beach shipyards).
bullet[1983-1988] Instructor in the Business Information Program at Holland College, Charlottetown, PEI.
bullet[1988] Technical college instructor certification.
bullet[1988-1995] Toronto, Ontario: variety of freelance and fulltime software development. Burned out!
bullet[1995-1999] Toronto - founded Little Red Hen's Kitchen Garden with Mary and developed the Ultimate Egg Poacher.
bullet[1999-present] Relocated selves and pottery studio to Violet Hill, Ontario.


Now making ceramic egg poachers and original works in stoneware and porcelain, including vases, bowls, fountains and birdbaths.



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