Stars of Dufferin County


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Presenting "Stars of Dufferin County", a new book of 60 pictures depicting 
interesting events in Dufferin County over the last 2 centuries.

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Granny Bechel was “endowed by nature with Herculean physique 
and more than average prowess and sagacity.” 
When Mrs. Bechel, the wise woman of Melancthon needed a sow, 
she carried it five miles to her home on her back, 
since she had no horse or cart.


In 1873, the Reverend Gray, with fourteen members  of The Temperance Union, 
raided the Mansion House in Shelburne. They were armed with clubs, revolvers, 
firecrackers and snowballs. In the chaos that ensued, Mr. Gallaugher jumped 
from the top floor of the building. Fortunately, he landed in a snowbank.


William Hillhouse and William Jelly were cleaning and strengthening 
their “perfect beauty” Mammoth tusk when they accidentally dropped it. 
They were able to repair it, and the tusk went on display across Canada 
with the rest of the mammoth bones found at Bowling Green in 1887.



Dan Needles, editing the Shelburne Free Press and Economist during the sventies, 
collapsed on his neighbour’s porch each Friday, exhausted from the labour 
of putting the paper to bed. His neighbour would flip through the new issue 
in forty five seconds, then say, “Now Dan, here’s what really happened in town this week”.



Bridge Game - Along with his column called "Letter from Wingfield Farm", 
which recounted the fictional adventures of a stock broker turned farmer, 
editor Dan Needles covered the social events for The Shelburne Free Press and Economist. 
In Keldon, the families included the Squirrels, the Fishes and the Rabbits.



During the 1980s, The Paradise restaurant and bar was a very popular spot. 
CFNY broadcast live from this location on Friday nights, and the 
best hamburgers in town were cooked by the proprietor himself, Wayne Townsend.


Willy Nelson arrived at Rock Hill Park for a concert in a helicopter sent 
by Tommy Hunter because all the other helicopters were fighting fires.


Kathy Hull (nee Pinkney) was one of  seven survivors when the 
1985 tornado hit 75 Amaranth Street in Grand Valley. 
A few feet from the house, the shed with the rabbits in it was 
untouched, but their new car had a tree driven right through it.


In 1975 a group of questionable young men arrived at Shelburne’s 
LCBO in a stretch limousine. The staff didn’t recognize them and 
were amazed to discover they were the famous rock band, The Rolling Stones.



Lance Matthews invented “The Hands Free Knee Crutch” after he fell off his barn roof and broke his heel bone.


Luther Lake, one of the biggest waterfowl marshes in Southern Ontario, was 
created out of 11,000 acres in Amaranth. Trumpeters Swans and 
over 25,000 other birds migrate through the  marsh every year.


Singer - Song writer, Leslie Feist, won five Junos in 2008, including artist, songwriter, 
pop album and singer of the year. When not touring, she winds down at her home in Dufferin.



The Ghosts at Greystones Inn. Here we have Red Feather , James Graham 
and “the kid” at the table reserved for them on the second floor. 
Don’t sit there, you might choke!


Al Pace In his Farmhouse Pottery Studio .   
The “Dancing Loon” plate is in the collection of Queen Elizabeth.



Jim Lorriman, wood turner, Bits and Pieces Studio. 
One of his twig bowls sold to Bill Clinton in 2007.



Hugh Russel in his studio. “The Column of Brotherhood” is in the Vatican.



KOD thanks and disclaimer. “Hey Mary, are all these stories true?” 
“Well sure, but any story becomes fiction after you tell it a few times”.


On March 14 and 15 2009, “The Meadowvale Spookies Paranormal Research Team” 
came to Theatre Orangeville and found four “hot spots” in the original 
parts of the building. Eight people, with one finger each on the table, 
were able to make it move in a circle, clockwise for yes, and counter-clockwise for no.


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