Stars of Georgian Bay


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A new book of original paintings depicting stories of Georgian Bay



Alarmed by some passing Ouendat who were digging his potatoes, Mr. Campbell decided to scare them off by playing his bagpipes on the roof of his shanty. The Ouendat weren't scared at all, but rather, loved the music and started to dance.


By-laws; Early in the history of Collingwood, a by-law to prevent animals from roaming the streets was hotly debated in the local press. Proponents of the by-law said that animals on the streets left mountains of manure which smelled terrible and attracted flies and other vermin. Against the by-law were the animal owners who were too busy and too poor to erect fences on their property. One letter, defending the animals said, “Why, In the name of right, should cows be kept off town streets? Are they not amongst our soberest citizens? Do they howl profane and vulgar epithets outside the hotels after dark?”


Wye Marsh and Pig Pen

The Wye Marsh near Minden is a 2500 acre bird sanctuary dedicated to saving the trumpeter swan from extinction. The marsh and wetland also harbours frogs, black terns and least bitterns.

Pig Pen was a female trumpeter swan who hatched at The Wye in 1990, the first surviving cygnet from the original captive pair. She was released into the wild in 1991, and was the first to nest in two-hundred years, establishing the first natural migration of these swans in Ontario. Pig Pen produced over seventy descendants, but died in 2001 after she was hit by a boat.

The Black History Quilt Codes

These bits of sewn cloth showed the escaping slaves how to get to Canada safely.


Stars of Georgian Bay




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