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Fred Turner, in Texas USA wrote:

The egg poacher arrived yesterday and this morning it was used for the best Eggs Benedict I have ever made.  The inverted shape was the perfect size for an English muffin  ...  just small enough for the Hollandaise to be caught in the rim of the muffin.   My compliments.

Blair Fraser of Prince Eward Island wrote:

I love my Egg Poacher. I have poached eggs almost every Saturday for brunch. I spray the poacher with PAM and sprinkle different spices in the cup (try dried onion) before adding the egg... Serve on homemade wholewheat toast... I better stop; I'm making myself hungry.

Dear Sir and Madam:
   I ordered and received one of your undecorated ceramic egg poachers and use it all the time now.   I get beautiful, soft centred poached eggs in about seven minutes.   They taste wonderful and it is an easy clean up.   It has been a lot of years since I was able to say the same thing previously.   Thank you very much.   Yours truly,      Gregory S. Wood

Dec 12, 1995
Dear Mr. Tichenor,
I am writing to you to express my delight  with the egg poacher I bought from you recently.
My family and I have never  enjoyed such excellent poached eggs as those made with your poacher. The instructions which accompany the poacher are precise and ensure a perfect egg every time.

I wish you every success with your invention.

yours truly,

Sir Christrian Grotrien,  Bt.

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